2 Wedding Videographers in LOVE…

Creating Beautiful LOVE Stories with Video!

Leighton and Lindsey have a unique niche for their wedding videography business. As newly weds themselves, they know the importance of a wedding video. While photos are pretty important, nothing captures YOUR BIG DAY like real-time video. See the emotion captured in this video during their wedding photo session.

One thing that makes Can’t Look Away Wedding Films unique is the elimination of that awkwardness with pre-ceremony footage. It can get a little awkward for the ladies just as it’s pretty nerve-racking for the cameraman to video all the special moments that take place in the lady’s dressing room. Lindsey heads up the video for the bride, while Leighton handles the groom.

It’s a win win and no awkward moments! The two are a match made in video production…wedding videographers in love!

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Wedding Videographers in LOVE


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